Samuelson Sez – Asking for Your Help on Two Issues

Well, here I am again, this time asking for your help in composing this week’s SAMUELSON SEZ. I have two issues. Number one – I am hearing from people across America who say they have received in their mailbox, addressed to them, a packet of seeds from either China or the Solomon Islands. They are asking – “What do I do with the seeds since I didn’t order them?” The Department of Agriculture has a quick answer – Don’t open the package and Don’t plant the seeds. Instead, get in touch with the Department of Agriculture or an agricultural college in your community and let them know you received the seeds. Again, don’t open the packet, don’t plant the seeds. They could contain an invasive species that could affect and impair our crops and livestock in this country. Number two – I am getting questions from people, who with the virtual County or State Fairs, plus no livestock auctions for 4-H and FFA members, are wondering what people can do to support these young people who work so hard to improve American agriculture and prepare for a career to help them feed a growing world. The Auction, very often, helps pay for the college education for those young people. Without the County or State Fairs, my audience is wondering what can be done to reward these young people for their hard work? So if you have any ideas, or have done something creative with your County or State Fair Auction to help these young people raise money for their education, let me know at This Week in Agri-Business so I can share it with people across the country. These young people have worked hard and should be rewarded for their efforts.

So let me hear from you, and remember this advice…IF YOU GET FREE UN-ORDERED  SEED FROM CHINA, DON’T OPEN THE PACKAGE AND DON’T PLANT THE SEED! Be Safe. Be Well. My thoughts on Samuelson Sez.Orion SamuelsonWGN Radio Chicago & RFD-TV303 East Wacker DriveChicago, IL 60611Office – 847-669-0047Cell Phone – 630-816-6005