On the Edge with Siemens Says

Harry Siemens is a farm journalist; first, farmers’ advocate second, podcaster, freelance writer and blogger, speaker and broadcaster. 

To Harry, faith, family, and freedom are most important. 

Harry posts to his website, his 7,000 plus followers on Twitter, 7,000 on LinkedIn, and nearly 7,000 on Facebook daily. 

Harry isn’t afraid to engage his followers and others that will listen when he stands up for what he believes. Whether farming, marketing freedom, activists who want to stop everything right, and his Christian faith. 

Harry writes for various farm publications across Canada, commentates on radio stations in Canada and the U.S., and speaks to small and big audiences alike.

He has a gift for communicating clearly and directly, whether in person, print, on television or radio, and of course, social mediums. Participants love his knack for involving others in the process of gaining understanding into themselves and the perceptions and responses of the people around them. 

Harry believes excellent communication is no accident! It’s the result of careful thought, planning, training and action.

His goal – “Helping you help yourself.”

His motto: “A Positive Mental Attitude, to Encourage, Inspire, and Serve others, will Motivate you to do your best.”   

Be Heard, Understood and Believed to make your point! It makes you the HUB instead of the spoke. 

Harry Siemens lives in Winkler, MB.