Prairie Sky Crop Solutions flea beetles in canola update

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We have scouted everyone who has sent us seeding dates and we should have contacted you as to what we have seen. Early to mid-week, we saw no problems to speak of, with just some minor damage. Today we have gone back to see some major issues in fields borders ranging from Aubiny to st. Adolphe. with one of these fields probably becoming a reseed. This is only a small percentage of fields but still, it happened really really fast. So, even if we called late in the week and told you everything looked good, it would be a good idea to check every day this weekend to make sure everything is ok. One thing we noticed is that there is a lot of damage to fields that are neighbouring last year’s canola. We would encourage everyone who hasn’t to give us your seeding dates and canola field locations as soon as possible as we will continue checking on Monday! We will be open until Noon on Saturday should you need any product.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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