Introducing Sunrize Agriculture – Selling Farm Products in the New Normal

By Harry Siemens

Sunrize Agriculture is a virtual agriculture products business founded by Randy and Chris Wolgemuth in January 2020.

“Our objective is to supply products to the agricultural industry without investing in bricks and mortar,” said co-owner Chris Wolgemuth of Steinbach, MB. “To keep costs down and increase efficiency, we will buy the product directly from manufacturers and deliver to the end-user. All sales and support are virtual, using Zoom video calls and other electronic devices. Sunrize can arrange in-person meetings if necessary; however, that will not be the norm.”

Wolgemuth said the company anticipates adding new suppliers in late 2020 and their virtual support team, too.

“Our first supplier is Foremost Industries agriculture division, featuring their Foremost Force Air Grain and Fertilizer Bins,” he said. “Their lineup includes smooth-walled hopper bottom bins with Foremost’s patented 360 air system, ranging from 3000 to 7400 Bushel bins.”

Also announcing, Sunrize Agriculture and Harry Siemens [Siemens Says] will cooperate in a media partnership to bring timely farm news and commentary via e-blasts, newsletters, and social media posts. Using print, audio and video podcasts planned, timely, impromptu and whenever the Spirit leads. Harry will post to the website, a Twitter feed to the home page linking all platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Wolgemuth said Sunrize Agriculture is a new division of their business Sunrize Group.

“We provide agricultural products to Southeastern Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota, that area,” he said. “While not necessarily a new way of doing things, but in a sense it is. Our original plan, before COVID-19, to do it without bricks and mortar, a virtual business. We don’t have a shop or a warehouse, but using the telephone, video calls, doing the sales and support that way. Obviously we love to meet people in person too when people want to.”

Wolgemuth said they ship the products directly from the manufacturer to the end-user.

“Having a shop with 10 bins lined up outside is ok. We make it work without that, that’s a big advantage.”

Contacts: Support and Sales: Chris Wolgemuth Call or text: 204.878.0700

Randy Wolgemuth: Call or text: 204.782.3000

Harry Siemens Call or text 204.362.6157