On the Edge with Siemens Says

Harry Siemens, communicator extraordinaire, interacts with his vast agricultural audience through speaking, writing, and commentating. As an advocate for the farmer, he creates an awareness of what is happening in agriculture and provides a rare edge, never afraid to express his own informed opinion. With his experience of more than 45 years, people respect and trust him to provide the most relevant and current farm information consistently.

As an independent farm communicator and farmer advocate, Harry Siemens comments on the news and gives his own opinions to the public daily through various media outlets.

As a motivational speaker, Harry can deliver a new speech every day, taking relevant information and applying it to the current situations. He integrates the current farm issues with motivation and humour. He speaks to audiences ranging from the AGM of the U.S. Grains Council in Montreal to the local Farmers’ Marketing Club in Plum Coulee, MB and Sunhaven Farms in Kinsella, Alberta, and many in between.

Harry Siemens, the journalist, is always on top of things, hearing the news first, and then spicing it with personal commentary. Along with his up-to-date website and e-newsletter, FarmWatch, he writes for various publications across Canada and the U.S., including the AgriPost, Prairie Hog Country, Western Dairy Farmer, and Ontario Hog Farmer.

He also writes for hire, which goes back to adapting any information to any audience or situation.

Harry Siemens, the commentator, gives you more than the story. Enhancing the story with opinion, he provides a perspective on the possible or actual direct effect of the issue on the reader or listener.

In the United States, Harry appears regularly with Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson on This Week in Agribusiness, seen and heard weekends on the RFD-TV Network, giving the Canadian perspective. He works closely with Lynn Ketelson and Linda Brekke to share the issues that face producers in Canada on the Linder Farm Network, heard on over 40 radio stations in Minnesota. Ratings show this to be the most-listened-to half-hour farm broadcast in the United States.

Harry Siemens reaches his audience through the ‘net [], through print, one on one, or on the radio. He communicates the issues—big and small—clearly, in layman’s terms, interspersed with opinion, and keeps everything fresh by Staying on the Edge.