Samuelson Sez – 17Nov2018 – Where’s the Farm Bill?

Just received this from Orion… Let’s get the message out there.

Samuelson Sez – 17Nov2018 – Where’s the Farm Bill?
It seems they do this to us every time they write a Farm Bill. They get an early start that encourages us to believe they are going to have it finished before the August recess in plenty of time, and then as is the case this year, they not only missed the September 30th deadline, but they might also miss the ‘end of the year’ deadline.
We can’t let that happen because that would mean we will have to start all over again to write a Farm Bill next year. We will be doing it with a new Congress and we may lose much of what we have in the current version that the House and Senate are trying to pass.
The big sticking point seems to be, as it is almost every time we write a Farm Bill, the nutrition program, known as Food Stamps years ago, now known as S.N.A.P., the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Most farmers have always wondered why food assistance programs should be part of the Farm Bill and part of the USDA budget. The answer is simple, leverage. There aren’t enough rural votes in the House and Senate to pass a Farm Bill without support from urban legislators.
The President and many Republicans would like to see a ‘work requirement’ added to be eligible for the food assistance program. Yet other people, many of them urban Democrats say “No, It’s not fair to put a job requirement in the bill to receive the food assistance.”
As I asked on Samuelson Sez three weeks ago, what is so bad about having to get a job or having a job to be eligible for food assistance? The proposed requirement says you have to be between the ages of 18 and 59 and free of health problems or unusual family problems to qualify for assistance. Jobs are available as evidenced by the ’Help Wanted’ signs I see in my community.
Members of Congress, this should not be a sticking point in finishing the farm bill. Let’s get this problem resolved so that we can have a Farm Bill on the President’s desk before the end of the year and producers will know what the rules are before the new crop year..
Let’s get it done!!