Ramifications of escalating AFS in China and other parts of the world

Renowned livestock consultant, lecturer, and veterinarian Dr. John Carr who now resides in Australia had this initial reaction to how African Swine Fever now prevalent in many parts of the world, but not in Canada said the Canadian pig industry must not panic as the number of farmers with the dreaded disease escalates.

“Yes, we must not panic over this,” said Dr. Carr in an email to me. “The issue is sausage and pork products illegally being brought into the country – but we have h

James Hofer

ad this for the last 10 years and the risk really has not increased. From a people point of view – students etc – no real risk – ASF is not transmitted by man.”

He said the risk isn’t from live pigs because no live pigs come to Canada from China but from dead pigs.

Dr. Carr has worked in mainland China for seven years in Asia for over 20 years.

“In China itself I look after 3000 sows for a breeding company. About 20000 in South Korea and 5000 in the Philippines,” he said.

At a Nutrition Partners client meeting in Winnipeg recently I spoke in person Dr. Carr and Starlite Colony Hog Boss James Hofer about the ramifications of AFS for China and also for the Canadian pig industry.