Californians shackled with an excessive gas tax for more than 8 months now

Is this what we are in for here in Manitoba Mr. Premier?

Written by David G. Valadao, U.S. Representative, California’s 21st District

Thanks to far-left policies, Californians have been shackled with an excessive gas tax for more than 8 months now.

Californians have been experiencing skyrocketing taxes and burdensome policies from an extreme-liberal state government.

The sad fact is that all Americans could be facing a similar future if California liberals like Nancy Pelosi have their way and take back the majority in Congress this fall. Our people deserve better than what far-left politicians are giving them.

An unchecked legislature – like California’s – places a massive burden on our families. We stand together in support of repealing this harmful gas tax and keeping similar policies out of Congress.

This is a unifying issue for Californians and Americans alike. It shows that Americans want fiscally responsible leaders, representatives who value our hard-earned money and don’t abuse their power by burdening the people with excessive taxation.

I won’t stop fighting to help our country, because unpopular, far-left policies are everywhere.

Whether I’m fighting against the California gas tax, working to protect America’s farmers and small businesses, or advocating for our rural communities, I’ll always be working for you.  

We’re done letting extreme liberals trample over us!

Thank you,

David G. Valadao

U.S. Representative, California’s 21st District