Revving up the volunteers, pocketbooks, and combines

Recently Harvest for Kids took their combine, materials, and children-saving message to the steps of the Manitoba Legislature. [L to R – Ag minister Ralph Eichler, Harvest for Kids Director Dave Thiessen, CCI president Ray Wieler, George Klassen, Harvest for Kids and Finance minister Cameron Friesen]   


Siemens Says

The crop is growing, the people are working, sponsors are stepping up to the plate, and the potential campers are waiting. Now, all we need are the plus 300 committed farmers who will bring their combines of all colours, shapes, and sizes to the field south of Winkler, MB August 4.

Recently Harvest for Kids took their combine, materials, and children-saving message to the steps of the Manitoba Legislature and into the hallowed halls chambers to hear Finance minister Cameron Friesen plead their case.  

HFK volunteer coordinator George Klassen was asked how are we going to get 300 combines because it’s during a time when farmers are going to be combining, and they have to bring those combines for that particular date to Winkler.

“Well, what will happen is, this is the first harvest of the season because the season is late, it’s August the 4, we have winter wheat, so it’s going to be an earlier harvest than most guys have on their farm. So that’s why they’ll have time to come with their combines,” said Klassen on the steps of the Manitoba Legislature last Thursday. “The purpose is to send kids in developing countries to camp, to develop them as leaders and give them the freedom to climb out of their shells that they’re in sometimes, and appreciate who they are. And that is what we’re trying to do, is to send them to camp, to give them that feeling that they are worth something, and that somebody else in the world cares for them, and we care for the rest of the world.”


George also said farmers need to bring those combines because we have sponsors that are willing to pay for those memory books that we’re going make. And if we can’t have those combines there, we’re not going to make the memory books, and we will not have the income that we need to send those less fortunate children to camp.

Finance minister Friesen, also the member representing the people of the Morden Winkler riding in the legislature, it’s always a great day when you have constituents who come to the legislature.

“It’s not every day they show up with a gigantic green combine. I said today to colleagues in the legislature, any time you have a combine on the front steps of the legislature, and it’s not a protest, it’s a good day,” said Friesen. “Today we’re of course welcoming Children’s Camps International and Harvest for Kids to be here, to draw attention to what’s going to become a Guinness World Record attempt for the number of combines simultaneously harvesting one field, that’s a great goal as a local MLA. We celebrate our community, we celebrate that spirit of volunteerism that is so alive and well in the Southern Manitoba area, and just a great day to be around here. So much natural curiosity as well, as Winnipeggers make their way back and forth on Broadway, and I think there’s been every MLA in this legislature today who got some pictures of this combine.

A great day indeed. In 2006, 2010, and 2012, Harvest for Kids and Children’s Camps International hosted three harvest events, each resulting in the Guinness World Record for “the most combines in continuous use on a field.” The current record, held by us during our Saskatchewan event, had 244 combines together. Now, we are moving forward to break this record yet again.