Replacing Aging Structure:  Schuler 

Preliminary work has started that will allow construction of a new bridge along PTH 2 near Cypress River, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced today.

“Our government is proud to announce the construction of a new bridge along PTH 2, a highway that is vital to the provincial economy,” said Schuler.  “The present structure is safe, but after 60 years it is time to look at replacing the bridge to ensure traffic on this busy corridor is not disrupted.”

The bridge is located on PTH 2 just east of Cypress River and was constructed in 1956.  A detour adjacent to the existing bridge is being constructed and it is expected to be completed by this summer, the minister noted.  He added the bridge replacement is scheduled to start in fall and winter 2018 and be complete by fall 2019.  A public tender will be posted on MERX for the bridge replacement in late summer or early fall 2018.

“This project shows our government’s commitment to strategic infrastructure spending,” Growth, Enterprise, and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen added.  “Motorists in the area, along with agriculture stakeholders and industry, deserve peace of mind and a structure updated to the present standards.”

“As construction season ramps up for the spring and summer, we remind all motorists to be careful around work areas and slow down,” said Schuler.