#carbontaxes for Manitobans is keeping a promise 

Budget 2018 puts Manitoba’s economy on the road to recovery and provides a solid plan for making Manitoba the most improved province in Canada.We’re investing in priorities that support the environment across Manitoba including:investing more than $140 million in the environment, including $102 million for the Conservation Trust, the largest-ever fund for natural infrastructure that is protected from future governments;ensuring the revenue from the made-in-Manitoba carbon levy of $25 per tonne of emissions will be returned to Manitobans through tax cuts over the next four years;investing $40 million for green projects, such as green infrastructure to adapt to climate change, green technology to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and transition to a low-carbon economy and support for green best practices and training in emissions-intensive sectors such as agriculture;providing $6.4 million to improve provincial parks across Manitoba including:$3 million toward upgrades to the waste-water treatment lagoon servicing the campground and east side of Grand Beach Provincial Park, upgrades to the water treatment system at Grand Beach West and new washroom and shower buildings;$1.6 million to design and construct a new waste-water lagoon to service all truck haul septic in the South Whiteshell area;new washroom and shower buildings and upgrades to water treatment systems at Big Whiteshell Provincial Park;new washroom and shower buildings at Paint Lake Provincial Park; andinvesting $1.2 million to upgrade the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery.

Source: Province of Manitoba | Sustainable Development