Russian harvest & planting update from Mike Lee @AgronomyUkraine

Mike Lee is a freelance consultant, agronomist, crop touring blogger and tweeter on farming, agri-business and associated issues in the Black Sea region including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan. Mike recently released his latest crop report and the crop in Russia even bigger than last year’s huge crop. 

Russian harvest & planting update

Russia harvest currently stands at 109.9mmt of grains and pulses from 43.8mha (97.2%) with an average yield 2.51mt/ha.

To date Russia has harvested 62.2mmt of wheat from 23.9mha (97%) with an average yield of 2.61mt/ha; 21.2mmt of barley from 9.0mha (99%) with an average yield of 2.35mt/ha; 10.9mmt of corn from 2.4mha (91%) with an average yield of 4.56mt/ha; 8.6mmt of sunflowers from 6.1mha (90%) with an average yield of 1.40mt/ha; 1.4mmt of oilseed rape from 1.0mha (87%) with average yield of 1.39mt/ha; 2.5mmt of soybeans from 1.8mha (93%) with an average yield of 1.36mt/ha.

Russia has planted 16.8mha of winter grains or 101.6% of the planned.