China’s problem with GMOs | Agweek

China is a huge global economic power, and their large population and growing middle class is resulting in greater need for commodity imports. A huge imported product is soybeans. The soybeans imported are primarily processed for the meal which is then fed to livestock, with very little used in actual food production for items like tofu, soy milk, etc.While there are some areas near the coast that utilize imported soybeans in food items due to the economic advantages, most areas of the country remain wary of imported soybeans. The caution stems from a broader issue: fear of genetically modified organisms. This fear initially came from the government, which encouraged suspicion of GMOs in order to potentially use that fear to influence trade policy in future negotiations. However, recent scares with food quality/safety with a broad range of food items is raising citizens’ concern over food sourcing.GMOs are just a part of the fears around this. While China remains a huge importer of many food items (soybeans, oils, dairy, meat, etc.), consumer demand in a growing middle class will influence trade patterns of agricultural products.

Source: China’s problem with GMOs | Agweek