Hard Brexit breakdown ‘opportunity’ for meat trade

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to win a Conservative majority in the general election may soften the government’s hard Brexit rhetoric, benefiting the country’s meat industry.The UK voting outcome led to what is termed a ‘hung parliament’ in the general election on 8 June, possibly damaging the Conservative Party’s mandate to exit the single market and the customs union. And this could be “an opportunity” for the animal protein sector, according to Katie Doherty, policy director of the International Meat Trade Association (IMTA).Doherty, who described hard Brexit as a “huge concern”, said the election result might mean a dramatic split is “less of possibility which would be a relief for this industry.”“There may now be an opportunity for the UK government to climb down from their hard Brexit rhetoric and soften their position, meaning we could see some reconsideration of options similar to that of Norway and Switzerland,” she said.

Source: Hard Brexit breakdown ‘opportunity’ for meat trade