New Manitoba-based Canadian Weather Service launched; The goal is to build Canada’s leading weather enterprise

 Byline: Harry Siemens Source: Ontario Farmer 

Weatherlogics Inc. launched as Canada’s newest weather services firm providing accurate, high-quality weather forecasts for farmers, commodity producers, individuals, and companies. The company also specializes in weather research and statistics.

The company is headquartered in Winnipeg.

Scott Kehler and Matthieu Desorcy founded Weatherlogics and have a combined 10 years of formal university education in meteorology in addition to 15 plus years of experience in weather analysis and forecasting. Their goal is to build Canada’s leading weather enterprise.

“I am originally from Steinbach and moved to Winnipeg to attend the University of Manitoba where I studied meteorology,” Kehler said. “While at university a colleague and I had the idea to start a weather forecasting company. We’ve been developing the company for about past six months and officially launched March 20.”

Kehler said the company’s service is unique in a few ways.

“Firstly, we are a local company. Most of the large private weather forecasting companies are located in the United States, which makes them disconnected from the needs of folks in Canada. Secondly, our products are produced by our meteorologists, not by just by computers,” he described. “Most of the weather forecasts you find online are generated by computers and tend to be very inaccurate and change wildly from one day to the next. Lastly, our subscription service is more affordable for farmers than anything that is on the market right now.”

When asked specifically about their services and target audience, Kehler said they offer multiple services, with different target audiences depending on what service people are looking at.

“Our agriculture subscription service is definitely aimed toward farmers, but specifically those on the prairies that are growing crops,” he said. “Some of the other services we offer are aimed at corpo-rate clients, such as transportation, construction, or insurance companies. The corporate services tend to be customized based on the needs of the client. For example, we predict the locations of hail storms for one of our insurance clients.

Some key services that Weatherlogics offers include an agriculture weather forecast subscription that provides producers with a detailed weather outlook for their region, delivered to their inbox daily; customized forecasting services that are designed for specific industries; weather research tailored to clients’ needs; specialized weather statistics for Canadian community.

“Farmers need to know what kind of weather is coming so they can plan their time efficiently,” Kehler said. “Because we are professional meteorologists, we carefully analyze the weather ourselves and have a good understanding of what weather is coming and can communicate any uncertainties in the forecast to farmers.

When farmers purchase our subscription service they get a detailed forecast for their region that we have carefully produced for them. We also identify uncertainties in the forecast which can help them schedule their field activities as efficiently as possible.”

He outlined more specifically one example of how farmers can benefit from their service is during harvest time. Fall rains can interfere a lot with the harvest.

“With our service, farmers would be given advance warning of when we are expecting significant precipitation so they can plan to speed up the harvest or delay it depending on the situation,” he said. “The subscription service officially begins on May 1 and we will be doing a beta testing program for farmers between April 3 and 7. Farmers can sign up for free on our website to receive forecasts daily between April 3 and 7. The purpose of the beta test is to ensure the subscription includes all the information farmers need. Every farmer that participates in the beta test will also receive an additional discount off the subscription if they sign up for the actual subscription before May 31.”

The pricing on the agriculture subscription service varies depending on what level of service is purchased. The two levels of service are standard d and premium. The standard d service gives the farmer two forecasts a week, while the premium gives five forecasts a week. The services can also be purchased for different lengths of time, with discounts available for those that purchase the service for longer. The basic pricing is $35 CAD per month for the premium subscription or $20 CAD per month for the standard subscription. But, as an introductory offer, we are giving 15 per cent off all of our subscriptions until May 31.

The other pricing options are available at

• / Scott Kehler (right) and Matthieu Desorcy founded Weatherlogics and have a combined 10 years of formal university education in meteorology in addition to 15 plus years of experience in weather analysis and forecasting.

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