New PEDV Strains detected in US Swine |

Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (ISU VDL) is offering PEDV S1 (first 2.2 kb portion of the spike gene) sequencing to the clientele to help determine the genetic relatedness and molecular epidemiology of PEDV in US swine. During the time periods of January 24 – January 29, 2014, PEDV S1 sequencing was performed on 15 PEDV cases at ISU VDL. Among them, PEDV S1 sequences from 10 cases (ISU cases 6-15) are similar to each other and to the PEDV strains identified in US swine since April 2013 (99.1-100% nucleotide identities). In distinct contrast, the PEDV S1 sequences from the other 5 cases (ISU cases 1-5) only have 93.9-94.6% nucleotide identities to the PEDV strains previously identified in US swine. However, these 5 PEDV cases shared 99.6-100% nucleotide identities to each other based on the S1 sequences.

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